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Welcome to our online store dedicated to the world of ironing, where practicality meets elegance. We are excited to introduce our extensive selection of high-quality products designed to make ironing an efficient and enjoyable activity. We take pride in announcing that all our products are Made in Italy, ensuring not only excellence in quality but also adherence to high-quality production standards.

Explore our complete collection, which includes ergonomic ironing boards, innovative ironing boards, multifunctional ironing stations, advanced ironing systems, and state-of-the-art vacuum ironing boards. Each item has been carefully selected to offer excellent performance, durability, and captivating design while maintaining the prestigious Italian manufacturing brand.

We are passionate about providing practical solutions that simplify your ironing routine. Whether you are looking for a compact ironing table for limited spaces, a technologically advanced ironing system, or a vacuum ironing board to maximize efficiency, you will surely find what you need in our online store.

Our mission is to offer you a hassle-free shopping experience with fast deliveries and dedicated customer service. Every product in our store has been chosen carefully to meet your ironing needs and add a touch of practicality and style to your home.




Ironing board size: 125 x 48 cm Type of the tip: Broad, rounded (single-sided) Legs' color: Chrome plated

121,50  inc. IVA


Ironing board Mod. 100 Ironing board size: 120 x 45 cm Type of the tip: Broad, rounded Legs' color: Chrome…

86,90  inc. IVA

Ironing board size: 125 x 48 cm Type of the tip: Broad, rounded (single-sided) Legs' color: Chrome plated

113,00  inc. IVA

Ironing Board size: 114 x 36 cm Type of the tip: Broad, rounded Legs' color: Chrome plated  

94,50  inc. IVA

Ironing station Mod. CMM 820 For everyday household use, a very durable INOX boiler with a capacity of 1.2 liters…

269,90  inc. IVA

Professional ironing station for heavy loads, suitable for schools, kindergartens, seamstresses and larger families, where the need for evening ironing…

339,90  inc. IVA

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