Ironing system Mod. ARE 715

Once only for professionals and laundries, now technically perfected with several times higher steam pressure than conventional irons, in a sleek housing and with smart operation for ease of use.

889,90  inc. IVA

Professional Iron

Powerful Board

Made of pure 23 mm thick aluminum, for fast heating and even temperature distribution over the entire ironing surface.

Ergonomic Handle

Professional steam iron with ergonomically designed handle for maximum non-slip comfort even during longer ironing.

Delicate Fabrics

Buyable attachment with aluminum surface and teflon coating, which prevents the shine of dark and facilitates the ironing of heat-sensitive fabrics.

Thermostat 0-210°C

Extremely powerful and adjustable ironing temperature up to 210°C for easy ironing of even the most stubborn fabrics (linen, cotton).

Any-handed use

Thoughtful design for easy ironing with any hand, either left or right, without any difference.

Strong and dry steam

Strong steam release from the tip of the iron, for efficient penetration and smoothing of fabrics without turning, even during multi-layer ironing.

No dripping

Additional heating of steam in three chambers inside the ironing board to prevent water dripping even during vertical ironing.

Smart System

The suction or inflation functions activate automatically when the steam release button is pressed and switch off a few moments after the activity has stopped. The ironing surface maintains a high optimum temperature, as it does not cool down unnecessarily with ambient air. This system is one of the most energy efficient.

The electronically controlled working pressure of the steam ensures a strong and even discharge at all times.

Digital adjustment of the hardness of used water with automatic warning for descaling the boiler.

Easy to Operate

Switch for the system with an indicator light, warning lights for prepared steam and lack of water in the tank, warning light for maintenance, switch for selecting the suction or inflation function, button for regulating the steam release. After setup, the system is ready for use in only 5 minutes.

Incredible Performance

The functions of inflation, for easy ironing of temperature-sensitive fabrics on the airbag, and suction of steam and heat, for dry and refreshed fabric after ironing, are enhanced by two powerful electric motors.

Heated Surface

Heated ironing surface made from reinforced aluminum with holes for suction and inflation with even heat distribution prevents moisture. The fabrics adhere to the ironing surface, do not wrinkle during ironing, and remain dry and refreshed at the end of it.

Unlimited Autonomy

The possibility of topping up water during ironing and a visual inspection of the amount of water in the container, enable unlimited ironing. Refilling water is even easier with the included bottle.

Removable steam station for quick and easy descaling.

Convenient and Safe

Easy installation at the right height with two compensating springs for easier lifting, extremely stable construction with dedicated safety system against unwanted opening, upright position, built-in iron storage compartment and dual wheels for easy transport.

Technical specifications
  • Water tank capacity: 1 L
  • System preparation time: 5 min
  • Evaporating kettle: INOX 18/10, use of tap water
  • Heater attached to the outside of the kettle
  • Steam output: 110 g / min (4 bar)
  • Number of engines: 2
  • Ironing dimensions: 110 x 43 cm
  • Professional 400 g ironing cover with sewn cord for better grip
  • Adjustable height: 7 positions from 75 to 95 cm
  • Steam boiler power: 1150 W
  • Iron power: 850 W
  • Heater power: 200 W
  • Motor power: 2 x 50 W
  • Total power: 2300 W
  • Made entirely in the EU
Included in the package
  • Ironing system ARE715
  • Iron hose holder
  • Water refilling bottle
  • Teflon attachment
  • Silicone pad for the iron
  • Water hardness test strips
  • Descaling agent
  • Evaporator kettle plug wrench

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