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Through our renowned and historical specialisation in laser cutting processes, operating with fully automated machining centers with advanced technology.

We are able to work all types of material: from iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, polystere, plexiglass, aluminum, galvanized iron, etc.

Lasertube Cutting

We offer laser cutting service on round and rectangular/square shaped tubes.

The materials making our prices competitive: Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized sheet, Aluminium, Copper, Brass

Completely integrated in the laser machines, the discharge device cleans the processing residues produced during the cutting, leaving the inner surface perfectly intact and ready for subsequent processing.

With an innovative technique for bending steel pipes, special sections are made by means of a specific laser cutting that allow manual bending of the pipe with excellent results.

Sheet bending

Depending on the relationship between the initial diameter of the disc and the final diameter of the product and the uniformity of the final thickness, we speak of:

Sheet bending or lathe drawing: the thickness of the material in the final product differs slightly from the thickness of the initial disc, while the diameter of the product can be very different from that of the starting disc.

Flow-turning: the diameter of the starting slab is equal to the final one of the product, which makes variations in the thickness of the walls of the product very important.

We use modern technology that is capable of combining sheet bending and flow-turning in a single process, generically referred to as sheet bending.


For close to twenty-years we specialize in the production of high-precision metal turned components for third parties throughout Triveneto.

Offering a specific service of turning and mechanical machining, we guarantees maximum punctuality and flexibility in deliveries at an affordable market price.

The applications may be the most diverse, but the ones making use the most competitive are: fittings, small parts from steel, non-ferrous alloys, plastic

Machining Center

We have a park of vertical CNC machining centers.

The professionalism and experience of the staff make them the perfect solution for almost every need: from series products to small samples.

Based on the customer’s needs and volume, it will be evaluated whether to use traditional machining centers or the latest generation of 5-axis CNC technologies that allow maximum optimization of time in the most complex processes, significantly increasing productivity and lowering production costs.

Metal Sheet Laser Cutting


We specialize in laser cutting processes, working with fully automated Machining Centers, and we are able to make large and small holes and shapes of any thickness.

The materials preferably used are: Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized sheets, Aluminium

The fields of application: General mechanics, Spare parts construction, Furniture and design items, Urban furniture

Tube Bending

We guarantee a curvature of square or rectangular section tubes of the most varied materials, ensuring excellent flatness and contained deformations.

Until recently, processing was mainly required in the architectural field, but today it is also taking hold in designed furniture or in complex structures where the welding phase is to be minimized.

Round Bending

We specialized in bending and calendering to design of tubular parts of small diameters of all metals.

The demand for machining on fully automatic machines is constantly increasing, our goal is to provide the complete details of all the necessary processes, such as trims, threads, inclined cuts, drilling, pressing, etc.


We specialize in metal-sheet bending, both in series, prototypes or small quantities of products, guaranteeing quality, precision and punctuality of delivery, characteristics refined in over 40 years of activity in the sector.

Bending is a process for plastic deformation very common in various industrial sectors and is used both to obtain metal sheets with particular shapes, and to “increase their resistance to torsion”, if inserted as structural elements.

For important productions we are able to offer an automated bending service in a continuous cycle, which significantly reduces costs while maintaining unchanged quality standard.

Step and shoot metal printing

We offer sheet metal stamping for third parties, done by hydraulic and mechanical presses. Even if what you need is a large tonnage press! Technology and quality of materials are our strengths.

Single-operation moulds

Drawing, blanking or bending moulds, autonomous or specific for hydraulic or mechanical presses.

Step molds

Molds in belt feed with particular attention to the containment of waste without compromising productivity.


We manage small, medium or large orders dealing with the assembly of small mechanical groups, even complete with pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical parts. Each order is developed following the customer’s specifications and in compliance with the planned commercial agreements.

  • Partial assembly of components or assemblies (pre-assembly)
  • Complete assembly of finished products
  • Complete management of orders (from purchase to shipping)
  • Assistance in supporting product improvement
  • Processing and adjustment
  • Quality control of the products to be assembled, detection of minor production defects
  • Assistance in the pre-automation phase
  • Quality control and testing
  • Storage of components and products
  • Supply of consumables


An ideal partner for all companies that need welding. The operation can be carried out within our factory or through our renowned partners, guaranteeing a high quality of execution of the work (certified), guaranteed delivery times and a competitive quality / price ratio.

  • OXYACETYLENE: International Code OFW (Oxyfuel Gas Welding)
  • MIG/MAY: International Code GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding)
  • LASER WELDING: International Code LBW (Laser Beam Welding)
  • RESISTANCE WELDING: International Code RW (Resistance Welding)


We specialize in the processing and treatment of metals, so our painting offers prestigious processes and finishes at guaranteed delivery times and at a competitive market prices.

  • Special coatings on all types of metals and alloys (aluminum, steel, bronze, iron, brass)
  • Powder coating
  • Electrostatic spray painting


We also offer one of the most used services in galvanic and industrial practice. Surface treatments aimed at inhibiting the corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals that we are offering:

  • nickel plating metals
  • zincification

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