Ironing station Mod. CMM 860

Professional ironing station for heavy loads, suitable for schools, kindergartens, seamstresses and larger families, where the need for evening ironing is almost daily.

339,90  inc. IVA

Steam boiler capacity
2,0 l (up-to 4 hours of ironing)
Topping-up water during ironing
Steam pressure in the boiler
2,0 - 4,0 bar (adjustable)
Steam preparation time
Up-to 12 minutes
Steam release length
Up-to 1,7 meters
Continuous steam release
140 g / minute
Steam release regulation
Quick steam-free ironing
Iron temperature adjustment
0°C to 210°C
Iron's & kettle's power
850 W + 1450 W
Station's weight
6,0 kg
Made in EU

5-year warranty on the most important components of ironing stations​

23 mm thick aluminum ironing board

With its thickness, the professional ironing board prevents the heater (attached to the upper side of the surface) from burning fabrics and maintains the selected ironing temperature* regardless of the humidity and thickness of the fabric.
* The optimum temperature for steam ironing of all types of fabrics is 180 ° C (steam sign).

The aluminum surface is extremely light, easy to clean and resistant to abrasions and shocks. Any damage can be repaired quickly by sanding.

Thermostat for easy adjustment of the temperature of the ironing surface during ironing, button for blocking the release of steam.

Strong dry steam – better penetration, without dripping

The ironing surface, with its innovative triple steam evaporation system, prevents water dripping even in the most demanding vertical ironing (ironing shirts on a hanger). With the “dry steam” prepared under high pressure, clothes can be quickly ventilated and unpleasant odors removed.

The release of steam from the tip of the ironing board enables the length of the horizontal steam release up to 1.2 m, which contributes significantly to easy shrinkage and stretching of clothes and easier penetration of dry steam through the fabric during multi-layered ironing. The rest of the ironing board takes care of drying and smoothing the fabrics during the steam release.

Large INOX boiler for the best steam

A stainless steel high-pressure kettle with a large evaporating water capacity ensures a large amount of steam even with a long-lasting discharge. The thickness of 1.5 mm prevents deformations and ensures an extremely long service life of the kettle, and easy rinsing of limescale allows the use of water from the water supply network.

A special energy-saving heater attached to the underside of the kettle is not in direct contact with water – damage to the heater due to limescale is prevented. The large heating surface ensures fast and smooth steam preparation.

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